Welcome baaack <333 Loved the new gifset! :')

Thank you! The new track is appealing enough for us to run this blog again. I’ve started on some new sets so hopefully I don’t procrastinate and get those up shortly.

gif some Surbhi/Zoya jah? :))

To be honest I have started some projects then again truthfully I stopped half way, but your message is motivating.

To that anon who left a message:

Sorry I accidentally deleted it.

Reply: Oh anon. Turn that frown upside down. We’re just a bag of procrastinators. We’ll try to pull our socks up and post stuff.

Miss you and your Zoya gifs D;

Le sigh. We also miss abusing our PS. We’ll try to get some edits done.

Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak to all our amazing followers. Hope you enjoy the day!